Are You Happy With Your Motorcycle Dealership?
Or, Like Us, Are You Frustrated With
Any Of These Common Challenges?
  1. Are you sick of seeing motorized scooters being sold out of the back of a truck in a parking lot and in large retailers all over the city?
  2. Can’t find sales people that can sell, service techs that can fix anything and parts guys who can show up on time?
  3. Are you concerned about manufacturers opening new points in your backyard and giving the new guy a huge allocation to compete against you?
  4. Would you like your customers to have more riding areas - areas that often translate into increased sales for your dealership?
  5. Have you lost revenue because potential buyers have purchased their dirt bikes and ATVs outside of Florida instead of from your dealership?
  6. Do potential dirt bike buyers complain about there not being enough places to ride?
  7. Does the availability of insurance at a reasonable cost impact your profits?
The dealers who already make up the voting membership of the Florida Motorcycle Dealers Association feel strongly about these issues.
By banding together and creating the FMDA, we gained a full-time staff to protect these interests in the Capitol. This includes an office in Tallahassee, a staff to research issues important to Florida dealers, and a lobbyist to take our message to lawmakers in Tallahassee.
Our track record proves it:
  • The FMDA lobbied for five years, until we succeeded, for off-highway vehicle titling legislation to increase funds for improving facilities and increasing riding areas.
  • This legislation also provides titles for off-highway vehicles, which when fully implemented, will decrease the interest rates, and monthly payments, of all ATV buyers without reducing your profits.
  • Every year motorcycle manufacturers work to change Florida’s franchise law to give them more rights and you less options. If we were not in Tallahassee, at the Capitol to see these efforts and put a stop to them, no one else would.
  • The FMDA introduced and supports motorized vehicles as part of the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreational Plan (SCORP).
  • The FMDA participates in the Florida Department of Transportation’s Motorcycle Safety Council to promote motorcycle safety within Florida.
  • The FMDA works to keep your state taxes low and public awareness about the benefits of your products high.
In short, we’re increasing the market for your products and saving you money. But to be truly effective, we need your help. With your membership in the FMDA you’ll receive:
  • The legislative power of the only organization that monitors and lobbies for your interests in the Capitol;
  • Valuable, timely alerts and updates about changes to Florida law that affect you and your industry;
  • Compliance manuals and technical assistance to ensure your compliance with sales tax, franchising;
  • Access to industry-tailored insurance plans; and
  • Annual training designed to ensure your rights under Florida’s franchise laws and give you the first notice on legal changes that will affect your dealership.
The FMDA’s policy, for all of our members, is that you must be completely satisfied, in fact, elated with what you get. So here’s our clear and simple guarantee:
Join today and put us through our paces. You can “test drive” every membership benefit. You be the judge - if we don’t deliver everything we have promised, or if you’re unhappy with us for any reason or for no reason, just send us a quick request, and we’ll immediately refund everything you have paid, with no questions asked. We wouldn’t have it any other way. You have nothing to lose by giving us a try.

Please take advantage of this opportunity. We appreciate the chance to represent and serve your interests - but we simply can’t do it without your help.
Join today!
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